Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Comedian Review 1 : Aziz Ansari

I have decided to review some comedians (an excuse to go on youtube). My first review is on Aziz Ansari. This review is for anyone that thinks that Russell Peters is the funniest brown guy in the world. Aziz Ansari is hilarious! He has been in shows such as Parks and Recreations, Scrubs, Get him to the Greek, Observe and Report. He is only 28 and definitely an up and comer even though he has been around for awhile. His humour while he can be rude it is definitely not offensive. The advantage that he has got is that he can make fun of being Indian in a similar way to Russell Peters and because he is Indian people feel like its OK to laugh along, while if it was a white guy it would be awkward. I would love for him to come out to Australia (again, he was in Sydney last year) because I would love to see him.  Have a watch of the above clip and search him on youtube.

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